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Referring Doctors Welcome

Thank you for visiting The Practice SF. It's our goal to create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you, our referring doctors.

We have installed a convenient referral form that you can complete and send along with your patient's digital x-rays. In addition, we sponsor a study club and hope you'll join us. Finally, the link to our blog is here.We look forward to reading your comments, and if you'd like to share a guest post, just let us know.

It's a TEAM Effort
From the very first encounter with the patient, we emphasize that the leader of the dental team is the dentist. We encourage patients to consult with their dentists on restorative care.

We remain in regular contact with you by keeping you informed of your patient’s progress, from the results of our initial examination, through the proposed treatment plan, to the results of the treatment.

Implant Dentistry
One of the most exciting aspects of our profession today is the field of implant dentistry. As satisfying as implant-supported restorations can be for our patients, they can also be daunting for those with limited experience in placing and restoring implants.

We work closely with our referring dentists and our local implant company representatives to provide comprehensive restorative support. We are aware that restoring your first few implants can be a challenging task. We can make it easier by:

• working closely with you during the treatment planning stage;
• arranging for an experienced, knowledgeable company representative to be chair-side to help guide you through the necessary steps.

Tell Your Patients About Us
Our goal is to have every patient leave The Practice SF satisfied and happy because you referred them to us. We try and achieve this through communication and patient education. We inform patients of their conditions and all of the treatment options available in order to empower them to take an active role in the control of their oral health.

We welcome new patients and would like to see those people that you think would benefit by seeing us. We understand that your reputation is at stake with every referral. We value and promote the tremendous benefits a good practitioner/periodontist relationship can foster.
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